Three unlikely bibliophiles deconstruct the classics, try to look smarter than they are and drink a lot of pinot grigio. After performing to rapturous applause at Queensland Cabaret Festival, Melbourne Cabaret Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival, the three girls of Babushka want to discuss some serious literature and expand the membership of their bawdy book club.  

Following hit tours of Happily Ever After and Doll, the girls are back with The Babushka Book Club to dive into the pages your favourite novels, be it chick lit, the NY Times best seller, or the well-thumbed erotic thriller on your bedside table. 

Be entertained by a wickedly funny cabaret that features the iconic music of Fleetwood Mac and Lana del Rey through to David Bowie and Bananarama, as Babushka turns your best loved novels inside-out and colours them various shades of grey. 

Babushka will give Elizabeth Bennett a make-up tutorial, slap the handcuffs on Christian, and say ‘boy, bye!’ to Heathcliff. These licentious literary critics, (who totally read the book before they saw the movie), demand a fresh look at Jane Austen and some more snacks. Pass the brie!


The Babushka Book Club has been developed with the support of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


Developed by Alicia Cush, Judy Hainsworth, Laura Coutts, Bridget Boyle & Penny Challen
Director Bridget Boyle 
Designer Penny Challen 
Lighting Design/Concept Geoff Squires 
Creative/Performer Alicia Cush 
Creative/Performer/Writer Judy Hainsworth 
Creative/Performer Laura Coutts 
Creative/Musical Director Alicia Cush 
Musical arrangements by  Alicia Cush

Premiering and Touring Qld in 2022