Babushka Kids - Right To Party

School of Rock meets Beastie Boys and the Spice Girls in this rebellious party playlist 

A high energy cabaret for kids, featuring rebellious music, vocal acrobatics and a whole lotta mischief - spike your mohawk and fight for your right to party! 

After performing to rapturous applause at Adelaide Fringe Festival and Queensland Cabaret Festival, award-winning group Babushka has cooked up their first ever show especially for kids. This feisty trio wants to break rules, sing killer tunes and show the next generation how to be rascals, radicals and ratbags.    

Pumpin' up the volume, Beasties young and old are invited to this punk-rocking celebration of musical groundbreakers and game changers over the last 50 years through the iconic songs from The Ramones and Queen to Lizzo and Pink.  

Right To Party will make you want to break free, get this party started and inspire youngsters to dance to the beat of their own drum!

Right To Party has been developed with the generous support of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland


Concept by Alicia Cush
Developed by Alicia Cush, Judy Hainsworth, Laura Coutts & Luke Volker

Director Bridget Boyle
Creative/Performer Alicia Cush
Designer Penny Challen
Creative/Performer/Writer Judy Hainsworth
Creative/Performer Laura Coutts
Creative/Musical Director Luke Volker
Choreographer Neridah Waters
Musical arrangements by Luke Volker & Alicia Cush

Premiering in late 2021, touring 2022

Image by Penny Challen